How can I access a shared printer on a different subnet?

Network has a (small business class) cable modem which connects to an unmanaged switch and in turn to 10 computers (subnet  Two of these computers have shared printers.
A linksys wrt54g also connnects to the switch to provide wireless acess (  
How can this be set up so laptops connected via wireless ( can access the shared printers (

It would also be good to access shared files across the subnets.

Thanks in advance,
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You should be able to turn your WRT54G into a wireless access point:

If you are a bit adventurous, you might even consider re-flashing the wrt54g bios with dd-wrt, for additional configuration options:

Using a WAP is indeed the right way to go; then both your wired and wireless hosts will be on
Go to the system that is connected to printer and setup it as shared from the other machine that like to access the printer. Something like \\ip.of.machine.where printer is conneted.
You will see the shared printer. Select it and right click to choose connect.
After connect you can setup its properties like default pritner etc. and then give print by selecting this printer which now appears in printing dialog.
Get rid of the WRT54G!

You're supposed to use a Wireless Access Point (WAP) for this,....not a Wireless NAT Box (firewall).

You're using the wrong product for the job.

Nick DennyCommented:
Cable modem > Switch ??
You would need to run a router in the system here for the 192.168.1.x subnet.
Then another wireless router from the 1st router to give the 2nd subnet?

Is this intentional or is the Linksys purely for wireless access?

As mentioned, you are making life more difficult for yourself by using this system.
leonvanAuthor Commented:
Awesome solution!  Up and running.  Printers accessible, Shared files accessible.
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