Setting up VLAN on procurve switches for aastra/trixbox/qos

Currently we have 4 HP Procurve switches 2x 3500, 1x 2824 and 1x 2810.

They are connected via 2x trunks between them (all in seperate rooms except the 3500's), so as follows :-

2824 - trunk 23,24 trk1 LACP connects to
3500.1 - trunk 45,46 trk1 LACP
3500.1 - trunk 47,48 trk2 LACP connects to
3500.2 - trunk 45,46 trk2 LACP
3500.2 - trunk 47,48 trk1 LACP connects to
2810 - trunk 47,48 trk1 LACP

Would like to put our Aastra 57i IP phones into their own vlan so they are seperated from our normal LAN and can get their IPs in a different subnet, from a seperate DHCP server.

The IP phones are connected to the 3500's only.

The phones have a pass through network point which connect to our PC's.

Our trixbox (asterisk) has a voice only network configured at with a DHCP server. This is the IP address that the phones should use for their GW, DNS, TFTP.

This vlan should also be set for higher priority.

I can get into CLI but limited after that. Help and explanation will be much appreciated.
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Setup of vlans is someting I do a lot, we do not use qos at this time and I have no knowledge of Aastra, so here we go :

          (comments not to be entered at CLI are in ()'s )
config    (configure mode)
vlan 116  voice  (setup vlan-ID number)
name phone  (asign name to vlan)
tag trk2   (carry traffic to other switch for vlan 116 via 47&48 to 45&46 link)
untag 1  (example-port with voice only,
tag 2    (example-port with phone and passtrough of untagged trafic to PC)
exit     (exit vlan 116)
wr mem  (write current settings to startup config, otherwise changes dropped at boot)
exit    (exit config mode)

HTH anyway
art_rAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info (again).

So where you have untag 1, I would connect that to the trixbox network port ?
Then on that same switch I could do tag 2-44 to have all the ports be ready for vlan/phone and normal traffic for PC's?

On second switch I wouldn't put the untag but could just do tag 1-44 to make all those ports ready for voice vlan/normal traffic?
yes,yes and yes
art_rAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help again. Was hoping to get some QoS info too but I'll look/post that seperate.
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