Windows 2000 DC Virtual Server in HyperV -- Cannot Start DNS Service

We have used VizionCore VConverter to P2V a Windows 2000 sp4 Domain controller into HyperV.  The Conversion went smoothly, and the system boots in the virtual environment.  However, the only service that fails to start is DNS (which spells trouble for Active Directory).

 When I try to start the DNS service I get a 997 error: overlapped I/O operation is in progress error and the DNS fails to start.  I think, simple enough some other service or process is tring to listen on Port 53 UDP.  But I cannot find anything.  

Steps I've taken:
Removed TCP/IP from a Win2k DC per
Stopped all non MS services
looked for processes listening on Port 53
Pulled out hair

Anybody seen this issue before?
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dgenerosaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It took about 3 days of digging, but after removal of Windows updates 951746 and 951748 I was able to get DNS (and AD) working in the virtual environment.  Take a look at this article for details
Is any process on the host machine running DNS?
Use PortQry to connect to UDP ports:

dgenerosaAuthor Commented:
C:\PortQryV2>portqry -n -e 53 -p UDP -i

PortQry Interactive Mode

Type 'help' for a list of commands

Default Node:

> q dns

resolving service name using local services file...
UDP port resolved to the 'domain' service

IP address resolved to SERVER2


UDP port 53 (domain service): LISTENING or FILTERED

Sending DNS query to UDP port 53...

DNS query timed out


resolving service name using local services file...
TCP port resolved to the 'domain' service

IP address resolved to KTG-SERVER2


TCP port 53 (domain service): NOT LISTENING
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