i had to configure zimbra on ubuntu 8.04. so plz guide me in configuring zimbra on ubuntu 8.04lts.guide me through a good how to or link which is good for begginer like me in zimbra.
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pawanopensourceAuthor Commented:
hi vaska,
i am going through the provided link. right now i am downloading zimbra collabration suite from this link http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/os-downloads.html  i am downloading for ubuntu 8.04 32 bits. am i going in right direction.
pawanopensourceAuthor Commented:
what are the prerequistie for zimbra. i have to configure zimbra on ubuntu 8.04, i am not having any static ip. in other server on ubuntu i had configured vpn,ftp,postfix(squirrelmail) all i easily access through dyndns. so same i want to do with zimbra, ill have to configure zimbra and access from outside through dyndns.
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