IIS installs but W3SVC does not

I am having a problem with our Exchange box where the IISAdmin service wasn't starting causing other problems.  I went through the process of uninstalling IIS.  Now I am trying to re-install but the W3SVC service does not install.  Everything else that I select for IIS installs correctly but non W3SVC installs which is preventing me from fixing Exchange.  Any thoughts on why that particular part of IIS would not install?  I followed  this article to removed IIS and re-install. KB325889.

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ClearBlueTechnologiesAuthor Commented:
That was the strange thing, there were no errors to reference.  It would install everyting but the W3 service.  I made the adjustments to the following registry key and it worked like you would expect it to.

Set Admin privilege to full control on this reg key.

hklm\software\microsoft\windows\windows nt\currentversion\svchost
ClearBlueTechnologiesAuthor Commented:
THis is on a Win 2K3 server.
What are the errors that you are getting?  Also, anything logs in the application or system event logs regarding this?

W3SVC is the service that runs the HTTP server.
So the WWW service isn't even there.

Those install steps for the article look like its for IIS 5, so that may be your problem.  When you go into add/remove windows components, click on Application Server-->Details.  Then Internet Information Services-->Details.  Scroll down and make sure that there is a check in the box for World Wide Web Service and then re-install.  Here is a visual of it.
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