What is the difference between a Webmaster and a Postmaster

What is the difference between a Webmaster and a Postmaster?

Is there any major difference? I have been unable to find any discussions about it on the internet. Would a postmaster typically only update/post to the website but a webmaster would be overseeing the whole operation?

Just curious.
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iirusgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, I think this is major a diffrent of rights.
In action a webmaster have many things to do.
So the postmaster helps him in the special area posts.

if there are 2 or more people, they need different logins, rights and so on.
and have various oders what is to do.

generally it is possible to say: a postmaster can be a part of the webmaster orders.

I hope this answer help you to understand.
HugoHiaslConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its an interesting question.

I do also not know it. But I could imagine that a postmaster is more content oriented and the webmaster technically oriented.

Webmaster keeps the page online and the postmaster keeps the page clean.

Batuhan CetinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know they are totally different things.

Postmaster is the administrator of an e-mail system or server.
Webmaster is the administrator of a website.
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@BatuhanCetin: "As far as I know they are totally different things. ..."

Yes it is.
but at this time it can be postings are not only e-mails and are not only standalone in a e-mail-system.

I know many and various web based posting systems, where a postmaster = administrator is needed and is working
Batuhan CetinCommented:
Yes iirusger you are right about that. I didn't see your comment when I posted.

I didn't agree with HugoHiasl saying
"Webmaster keeps the page online and the postmaster keeps the page clean."
The people keeping the pages clean may be called as moderators, not postmasters.
rdivilbissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some email from my website is sent by postmaster@domain.com and some is sent by webmaster@domain.com.  If this is just a question of email, there may be no difference at all other than what the domain owner arbitrarily decided to do.

As far as roles, I've seen job postings for webmasters but never for a postmaster.

I've been involved in development. creation, re-working or extending hundreds of websites and have never seen any authoritative reference that indicates there is any specific difference.

In general I often see postmaster@.... as the sender of mail lists or other autonimous web applications and webmaster@... coming from the person who controls the site, but then you see admin@.... and info@....

There just arbitrary lables as far as I'm concerned and have no specific meaning.

Jawwe23Author Commented:
This thread continues to show that these labels can certainly be confusing!

Nobody ever seems to have a definitive answer, but perhaps Rdivilbiss is correct in stating that they are more "arbitrary" than anything else.

That's not to say certain organizations might not distinguish between the two, but it seems that the titles are fairly dispensable and each webteam may use the labels differently or do away with them in place of different titles altogether.

I've taken the points for this question and have divided them equally among each of the thread's participants. Thanks for your participation.
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