best white label social network software

Hi, I am looking for really good social networking software that is "white label" (i.e. brand-able) with these requirements:

1) Preferably open source code that I can host on Unix server (PHP or Ruby)
2) Free or cheap :-) I will consider paying for software but I'm working alone on a small budget
3) Easily customizable--Ideally it can be "skinned" easily with CSS
4) Modular--I will need to build custom modules for the site. For example I want users to enter stats and then graph them
5) Large user community (this is important so I have help creating modules :-D

any and all suggestions appreciated. Right now I have my eye on:

2. others...?
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etftwukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A friend of mine has been building a new site using Elgg, he doesn't know much about PHP and other such technologies put to use in the system, but has managed to modify it a great deal, so I think there is quite a lot of support out there for it.

So I would recommend Elgg
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
thanks. hey take a look at this! Dolphin looks pretty impressive (at least the video of it does :-)

anyone else know of competitors to Elgg or Dolphin?
mtnwaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try BuddyPress. If you use Wordpress this may be a good option.

Social Engine is a good alternative as well:
They have a demo site that you can try out. To get the license it costs $250.

goldylamontAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, I have looked at both SocialEngine and BuddyPress and both look like good options. However Dolphin seems most exciting to me and they have a very affordable pricing model; along with a really attractive GUI.
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