Sharepoint 3.0 Document Library Workflow

Some of you may have seen my weary posts regarding a 'project' I have to turn our paper Purchare Requisition system electronic with Sharepoint.....?

I'm having to use WSS 3.0, I think to prove that it works before any movement is made on buying MOSS so I know the way I'm doing things is wrong but I need a little assistance on Document Libraries and workflows.

I have 4 document libraries set up: Submission, Review, Purchasing and Archive.

New documents can be created (from an xlsx template) in the Submission library. I envisage users filling out their template and saving it back into the Submission list. My first question is: is there any way to automatically name the document when it comes back in to the library? It's very manual at the moment. I have fiddled with a workflow to try and rename the Name field to the Created By entry to no avail.

After the document is saved, I have a manual workflow set up (very basic at this time) that when executed will  move the document to the Review library. I will then use a 'when item is created' workflow in the Review library to notify the Approver of a new item (maybe a To-Do as well) however I don't know if this is possible without some clarification on the following question:

What I need at this point is a way to create the document and input some list data in a field called Approver and another called Buyer within the document library. I am hoping this can stay with the document as it is copied across the libraries as I need it for workflows. As excel files are dumb documents I can't extract info from them automatically and I dont believe workflow data is stored anywhere once executed? Is there a way for this to happen?

From the Review library I have enabled content approval so, when approved by the right person a notification will be sent to the creator saying it has being authorised and the document will be moved to the Purchasng library.

From the Purchasing library an alert will be sent to the Buyer notifying them of a new item. Content approval is again active on this folder so after the item has been purchased annd then Approved a workflow will move the document to its final resting place in the Archive folder notifying the originator that the document has been processed.

Does this at all make sense? I'm attaching a quick Visio doc to try and get across what I think I mean.

I know it isn't perfect and would rather get stuck in to Infopath to do this more dynamically. Maybe this isn't the right way to do this and a list is a better idea?
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MsShadowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To get clear what you want, you get a purchase order in in the submission list, that gets reviewed, if approved purchase is told to pay it and afterwards it will be archived.

Question 1: why four document libraries? Why not add a status with your document that once created gets the status submitted. Then a workflow is started it will change the status.
Question 2 : why not create a task for purchasing to pay the purchase order with a link to the purchase order.

If you want to rename the document before it is being saved you can use an eventhandler to accomplish that:
ultra-itAuthor Commented:
Thats right - I've just taken the bare minimum of the current paper based processes and tried to emulate it with a sharepoint workflow .

I thought it would be better this way as I'd like to restrict access to the documents in each instance to avoid anyond tampering with it along the way - I guess I'm emulating the paper form being passed around the various offices with the different libraries.

I see what you mean about a task for purchasing though and will do this no doubt. At this time I have a very basic framework in place as I'm apprehensive of going into it full on when there's a chance that I'm making things too difficult, because of my limited knowledge.

Had a look at the eventhandler; it refersto MOSS2007 which we don't have here. Will it work with 3.0?
ultra-itAuthor Commented:
Looks like we are putting this project on hold at the moment, but thankyou for your advice.
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