Certificate expiration

Hi, yesterday i've asked the next question and after done all the steps suggested by one of the experts appearantly the issue was solved and the user id expiration date recertified. However today the user, in the moment of starting lotus notes and typing the password the message has appeared again saying that the certificate is going to expire. Once, in the Admin client the user is recertified....is it something more which has to be done?


Question: Hi all,
recently all our users who work with Lotus Notes are receiving the next message:
"WARNING: Your certificate issued to Name Surname/Server by /Server will expire on 14/03/2010. Request a new certificate by choosing File - Tools - User ID - Certificate - Request Certificate"

as i know accessing through Lotus Administrator it is possible to "Recertify" these user ids longer. Could you tell me where and how in lotus administrator can this be done?
It is lotus administrator version 6.

thanks and regards
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
As of release R5 or R6, the user's local certificate file is updated automatically from the server when het connects to the server and there's a new certificate for him. I assume therefore that the next time the user logs in, the warning message won't appear again.

You could ask the user to look in his ID-file to inspect his certificates (File/Security/ID-file...)
thyetAuthor Commented:
maybe has to be replaced the user id at the user computer for a new one?
thyetAuthor Commented:
It is curious due to in the admin client (connected to the main server) i can see that the new expiration date is pointing to 2012 after doing it yesterday
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
By the way, the normal process is the easiest: follow the messages' hints. It's a simple workflow to get newer certificates easily.

The user requests a new certificate, then sends a mail to the Administrator.
The Administrator reads his mail, sees the requests for recertification, and recertifies the ID-files.
Automatically, a mail is sent back to the user. When he opens it, he sees an Action in his mail to accept the new certificate.
thyetAuthor Commented:
well...i dont know, but checking what you have said it was right. the user restarted and this time it didnt appear :S

Anyway, everything correct. Thanks again.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Good to hear that it's solved.
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