group policy software deploy error


im trying to create a software deployment of autocad 2010 via group policy in windows server 2008 x64 standard FE

i cannot add any transforms via the modifications tab which are required by ACAD for its customised admin image

refer to the screenshot

any help to resolve much appreciated
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Are you trying to install the out-of-the-box installation or did you create a deployment? AutoCAD allows you to create a deployment which itself uses transformation which I'd assume is where you'd do it and not in the GP.
itbasementAuthor Commented:
i created a customised deployment which according to the network admin pdf guide allows deployment in group policy - tranform files just can't be added - option is greyed
If the Transform is from an Autodesk SP, you need to add that in the Autodesk Deployment Wizard not the GP editor.
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itbasementAuthor Commented:
the deployment wizard has created the admin image with all associated transforms

in the network admins pdf guide to creating GP deployment in step 12 says you need to enter transforms via group policy

Are you on subscription? Try their support. They might be able to help you out.

I know a coupel of the people that manage the installation/deployment design within Autodesk but unfortunately, I don't want to post their contact info publicly. They would be who the subscription support people whould end up going to anyway.

Sorry I can't help you more. I've never done a deployment via GP.
itbasementAuthor Commented:
i received the standard response from our subscription help - because this is a windows (3rd party) issue they were unable to provide any support
Push back and don't accept that for an answer. Autodesk's subscription support can't close your support request if you keep pushing back. They'll either get tired of you and ignore you or try to help out.

Post links and text from thier on-line knowledgebase or help files that refer to group policy deployments as a basis for your objection.

Back when Autodesk implemented "license cascading" on Network Licenses, a lot of our remote systems couldn't pull a license. Adsk Subscription said our DSL or Dial-Up connections were unsupported we needed faster connections (not an option in some of the remote areas of Canada that we had some sites).  I kept pushing back citing help file text as well as on-line knowledgebase articles and eventually, they did enough research with the development team to explain to me how to disable the license cascading feature.

Ultimately I found the true answer by reading the FlexLM help files (FLEXLM_TIMEOUT environment variable) and only gave them that solution if they published it as a knowledge base document which they ultimately did. A few years later, when I then worked for an AutoCAD reseller, the same Autodesk support tech was giving the same "not supported" arguement to one of our customers despite knowing the answer.

The point is, their subscription support team is made up of people. Some are good and willing to help, others tend to push off the tough issues to keep their "time to close" rate up as well as their open case cound low (metrics their measured by).

Don't let them get by this easily. If they still don't help, tell them to contact Jerry Milana or Bud Schroeder @ Autodesk who have both taught classes @ Autodesk University on network deployment and group policy. Bud does a lot of QA and Testing and Jerry is the architect behind the new installers the last several releases have used.

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