How to I get Sharepoint central administration to open?

I have just installed Sharepoint 3.0 on to a fresh Windows 2008 Server (standard edition), running IIS7. When I try to launch central administration, the browser just tries to download a file. If I download the file and open it in Notepad, it is just a load of characters (excerpt attached - first few lines).

All the roles have been installed except "Anonymous Authentication" which isn't an option in the roles installation tool.

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.
MZ       ÿÿ  ¸       @                                     º ´	Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

$       J =xASÌASÌASÌ)!(ÌASÌ"&-ÌASÌ)!.Ì
ASÌxÜ>ÌASÌ)!>ÌASÌxÜ(ÌASÌARÌ.ISÌ)!)ÌASÌ)!/ÌASÌ)!=ÌÏASÌ)!+ÌASÌRichASÌ                        PE  d  ڏRE        ð "   Ä.  0      â-      a5                        PO    Þ"N  @                                    ðZC ú   FC      PL O   H 4’  øM 0    N  t   é.                                             à. Æ  02A ¬                   .text   qÃ.     Ä.                   `.rdata  ê{  à.  |  È.             @   ¬8  `C  0  DC             @  À.pdata  4’   H    tG             @  @.bootdat   0L  
   øJ             @  À.rtext  Ü    @L     K             @  À.rsrc   O  PL  P  K             @  @.reloc  <¢    N  ¤   TM             @  B                                                                                                                                                                                H!/ H0H9ÁÃÌÌ  ÌH9	Hÿ%jÕ. ÌÌH0L$H’ì8HÇD$ þÿÿÿH9	H’Ä8Hÿ%HÕ. @UH’ì H9êH9M@èÂÿÿÿH’Ä ]Ã@SH’ì H9Ùÿ`G H9Ë&Àtÿ`G ëÿäÔ. H’Ä [ÃÌÌ@SH’ì H9ÙÿU`G H9Ë&ÀtÿX`G ëÿ¸Ô. H’Ä [ÃÌÌ@SH’ì H9Ùÿ)`G H9Ë&Àtÿ`G ëÿÔ. H’Ä [ÃÌÌ@SH’ì H9Ùÿý_G H9Ë&Àtÿè_G ëÿXÔ. H’Ä [ÃÌÌ@SWH’ì(9ÚH9ùÿ¾_G öÃtÿÃ_G H9Ï&ÀtÿÆ_G ëÿ&Ô. H9ÇH’Ä(_[Ã@SWH’ì(H9yH9ÙH&ÿt$H9Ïÿx_G ÿ_G H9Ï&Àtÿ&_G ëÿåÓ. H9HÇC    H&Ét
H9º   ÿHÇ    H’Ä(_[ÃÌH0L$SH’ì0HÇD$ þÿÿÿH9ÙH’Á(ÿ_G H9ËH’Ä0[Hÿ%ü^G @UH’ì H9êH9M@ÿé^G H’Ä ]ÃÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ@UH’ì H9êH9M@H’Á(ÿ½^G H’Ä ]ÃÌÌÌ@SUVWH’ì(I9ñA9øH9êH9ÙëH9ËÿÖHÝ’ïyóH’Ä(_^][ÃÌÌÌ@SVWH’ì öÂ9òH9Ùt=D9AøL
ãþÿÿº(   èeÑ- @öÆtÿq^G HKø&Àtÿs^G ëÿÓÒ. HCøërH9yH&ÿt$H9Ïÿ3^G ÿ=^G H9Ï&Àtÿ@^G ëÿ Ò. H9HÇC    H&Ét
H9º   ÿ@öÆHÇ    tÿû]G H9Ë&Àtÿþ]G ëÿ^Ò. H9ÃH’Ä _^[ÃÌÌÌ@SVWH’ì öÂ9òH9Ùt=L9
x]G D9Aøº   è"Ð- @öÆtÿ¥]G HKø&Àtÿ§]G ëÿÒ. HCøë*ÿc]G @öÆtÿw]G H9Ë&Àtÿz]G ëÿÚÑ. H9ÃH’Ä _^[ÃÌÌÌH0L$SVWH’ì0HÇD$ þÿÿÿ9òH9ÙöÂtAL
êýÿÿD9Aøº8   èÐ- @öÆt ÿ]G &ÀtHKøÿ]G ë
HKøÿrÑ. HCøë;H’Á(ÿÊ\G H9ËÿÈ\G @öÆtÿÔ\G &ÀtH9Ëÿ×\G ë	H9Ëÿ4Ñ. H9ÃH’Ä0_^[ÃÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ@UH’ì H9êH9MPÿy\G H’Ä ]ÃÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ@UH’ì H9êH9MPH’Á(ÿM\G H’Ä ]ÃÌÌÌH0L$SVWH’ì0HÇD$ þÿÿÿ9òH9ÙöÂtAL
vûÿÿD9Aøº   èÏ- @öÆt ÿ$\G &ÀtHKøÿ&\G ë
HKøÿÐ. HCøë0H9	ÿ:Ð. @öÆtÿï[G &ÀtH9Ëÿò[G ë	H9ËÿOÐ. H9ÃH’Ä0_^[ÃÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ@UH’ì H9êH9MPèÞúÿÿH’Ä ]

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emjxConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved - installed WSS 3.0 SP2 and all is now happy.
I would make sure that you have followed the steps outlined in the following two posts to correctly set up Windows Server 2008 and WSS 3.0. One of the tricks is that you _must_ be using at least WSS 3.0 SP1.
emjxAuthor Commented:
I am pretty sure that I haven't missed a step, it looks like some encoding issue, but how to resolve... clueless!
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