Rerouting emaildomain SBS 2003 to other server

I have a sbs 2003 with four maildomains. So email sent to,,, all are received by my SBS. But, for the time being a want to rerout my email send to domainB to antoher server.  I know I can change my A record at my provider but he doesn't let my do this myself and this will take 48hours worldwide to refresh.

Now I was wondering if I can set this up in SBS 2003 or with some kind of tool so that email is receveid on my SBS and directly forwarded to antoher ipaddress?
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Glen KnightCommented:
You need to setup a shared namespace:

This will mean that your server can receive for these domains but if the mailboxes don't exist on your server it will forward them to another.
I don't think så you get a problem, just remember to change your extern dns.
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