How to stop SQL Server 2005 restore in progress

I started a restore database process in SQL Server 2005.  It sat for quite a while executing but never got past 0%. So, I cancelled the restore in the Restore window, which worked, and the window closed.  Now this database shows "(restoring...)' out to the right of the database name in SQL Manager.

What is the SQL script I need to execute to get this database out of 'restoring' mode so that I can try the restore again?
Glenn StearnsAnalystAsked:
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vineethvpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When the backup is restored, it will be decompressed first then restored. Depends on the database size, it may take a while for the whole process. During the decompressing period, you will see the process is doing nothing (hanging).

I think you will not be able to stop without stopping sql service. you may try killing process id using tskill command thru DOS Command prompt

Glenn StearnsAnalystAuthor Commented:
vineethvp: How do I find the process ID for this?  I ran a script to show currently running jobs and have the GUID for the job, but not the process ID. Can I use the GUID?
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