Transfer redirected MyDocuments from an old 2003 to new 2008 server.

I had an old 2003 server set up as a domain controller it held all of my users redirected my documents.  The server has now gone down and does not exist.  I only have the folder backed up that contained the users my documents called profiles.

I have recently set up a new server 2008 domain controller.  I want to recreate all the old user accounts and the redirected my documents from the old 2003 server.  I have set up folder redirection (my documents) and roaming profiles, yet have not set up any user accounts.

The data on the old server was in a folder called "profiles" in here I have all the folders  (redirected my documents) for users.  An example of a folder name in the parent folder profiles is "dduncan" (initial followed by surname). in that folder there is a folder called My documents containing all their work.

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Darius GhassemCommented:
You should be able to restore the data on the new DC then point GPO to point to the new profile location.

Or if you have the old DC still is up and running then I would send the profiles back to the local computers then re-create a GPO that points to the new location for profiles.

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sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
The old DC no longer exists I only have a backup of the folder that contains the redirected documents that is it in the format:

"The data on the old server was in a folder called "profiles" in here I have all the folders  (redirected my documents) for users.  An example of a folder name in the parent folder profiles is "dduncan" (initial followed by surname). in that folder there is a folder called My documents containing all their work."

How do I restore data ?

Darius GhassemCommented:
You have a backup restore on the new server. Once you have the data restored then you setup a new gpo.
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sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
I do not understand ......all I have is a folder from the old server on a external hard drive with users my documents in them. How can I restore these?  

I have set up folder redirection on the new server 2008, I will probably have to manually create the users in active directory and users.  The problem is that when I create a user then I have to wait for that user to log in for the my docs folder to be created on the server then I have to manually copy over their my documents (from backup on external hard drive).  I was wondering if I could manually create this folder then copy over their my documents into it, would this work ?

OR is there a quicker way of also creating the users and the placing their my docs back onto the new server ?
Darius GhassemCommented:
You need to copy the folder with the profiles over to the new DC.

Create all Users.

Create GPO with folder redirection pointing to the location of the copied profiles.

sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
I have already set up folder redirection, please can you be more specific with what settings I should change to point to the location of the copied profiles ?

Darius GhassemCommented:
Have you placed the profiles onto the new DC?

In the GPO there is a setting where you configure.
sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
Well I have created afolder and set up folder redirection (my documents) for users.  I created two test account to check it is working fine. Now do you:

1. Want me to transfer the profiles into this folder.
2. Then create the user accounts ?

PLease note the GPO is already set up !


Darius GhassemCommented:
sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
It does not work if i manually transfer the users work into their folder then it is not seen in thier my docs folder when they log in.  However you can see it on the server
sarangi_masterAuthor Commented:
I could not manage to add documents manually into the redirected folder if I did it would place it on the server but when the user logged on they would not see it.  So had to manually log each user in and transfer their documents over.
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