Problem with device installing in WXPe

I have a task to make an XP embedded version that has specific hardware installed. They are smartcard reader,hp keyboard that has the SC reader in it, a canon scanner and epson printer.All of them are usb connected(epson through lpt to usb adapter).

The first two have no problems installing, but I´m stuck with scanner and printer.

I have developed multiple versions with various components added with Win Embedded Studio software. Last build has everything that those devices could need - USB support, device installers etc. I have googled alot and based on that info, added everything possibly required by those devices.

My test environment runs on VMware workstation and my host system is XP Pro oem. On my host system the same devices install without any problems and both ways(using windows wizard and setup installer).

On Xp embedded - Scanner seems to be installing, but in the end (after copying drivers) gets disabled and when I enable it, the infinite loop starts.Device is enabled,tries to install, gets disabled again and from start again.
Printer has a bit different problem  - using windows wizard, after pointing to driver directory, it tells me that "required section was not found in the inf" and device is not installed...

I have compared setupapi logs on both systems and there is'nt much there that tells me what is the problem exactly.

If anyone has suggestions what to try or where to look, please reply.
Thanks in advance!
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ultrasoftxAuthor Commented:
Please lock this thread, since the project has ended with no success, apparently.
Thanks to people, who bothered.
How is the physical hardware being presented to your VM?? The problem I am seeing is that you obviously need to "pass-through" the USB devices connected to the HOST pc to your Guest VM, so in this case, you need to send you Scanner and Printer to the VM? Have you done this?
ultrasoftxAuthor Commented:
VMware successfully recognizes these USB devices and the virtual XP embedded does that as well by prompting me with a hardware install wizard.
To my understanding, the problem is with something else, than recognizing the hardware, since I have tried a Dell Factory version on real hardware and that had the same problem as my virtual self customized version - getting into a loop on device enabling with scanner.
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