isql command does not take input sql file in sybase iq

Hi there,
I've Sybase IQ Server 12.7 on Suse Linux ES 10. I try to run isql command on command prompt like;
isql -UuserName -Sservername -Ppassword -i input.sql -o output.txt
but nothing returns.
I can connect the server with ;  isql -UuserName -Sservername -Ppassword
and isql prompt gets. (1> ). sql command that written in input.sql is working here.

Do you have any idea why the isql command does not take the input sql and returns nothing?


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Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Do you have a "go" on its own as the last line of the file?
Jan FranekCommented:
Try to use unified approach to spaces - all parameter with or without space between switch and parameter, but not mix of both.

isql -UuserName -Sservername -Ppassword -iinput.sql -ooutput.txt

isql -U userName -S servername -P password -i input.sql -o output.txt
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Jan - does whitespace really matter to the isql command line? I'm pretty sure that I've mixed and matched before without it giving me any trouble...
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Jan FranekCommented:
I must admit, I didn't try it. I remember, that I had some problem with whitespace, I'm not sure if it was the same scenario. However, it was the first possible solution and as it's very easy to test, why not try it ?
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I know some Sybase command line tools seem to care about it (some require whitespace; some require there not be), but I'm fairly sure the humble isql doesn't care. I'd still like to hear if there was a final "go" in the script, though - that's something I've done more times than I care to admit. :)
dmiebimAuthor Commented:
You're right, Joe, problem is forgotten "go".  I know it from ASE but I couldn't foresee it in ASA.
I've used with or without whitespace many times, no problem.

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