laptop memory upgrade: whats the best type of ram?

Hi, I have a HP laptop, currently have two  256 mb sticks, for a total of 512 mb of memory.

The HP part number on the memory is: 383480-001 (white sticker that says "replace with hp spare 383480-001". Here are more specs on the factory memory:  DDR PC2700 333MHz CL2.5
200 pins

I want to upgrade to 1gb or higher, I was planning on buying a single 1gb memory stick and replacing one of the 256's- that way I will have a gig + 256.memory installed.

I checked on ebay and found several, some as cheap is 30 bucks- including shipping (brand new also) here is a link to that particular deal I found

Would that do just as good as any other memory? Or is another type going to be more reliable?

Any info would be appreciated!

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KyoshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Memory from named and known brands will usually be more reliable than cheaper brands.
But the type of memory you have selected should work just fine.

I will however advise you to use 2 identical RAM sticks in your computer.
hwdinfotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kyosh is correct. It's not the best practice to mix RAM chip sizes.  You can check out Crucial at and use either their Memory Advisor tool or their System Scanner tool. Both have never failed me or my clients.
chilidsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple of things come to mind.  I always hesitate buying eletronic parts from Ebay but if you are comfortable with it then thats fine.  I would also check out websites like or and compare their prices.  I would stick with main brands like Kingston, Corsair, Crucial, and even Transcend.  Your computer uses DDR which does not have to have identical memory chips in each slot so mixing is ok.  Another thing to consider is older memory (DDR) is harder to find and often different speeds are easier.  You may find that DDR 3200 is cheaper and will work in your computer just as good.  If you stick with DDR Laptop memory and get a good brand then it is hard to go wrong.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well -  i would look at the laptop model - and check how much memory it supports, on the HP site :
it may well be it only supports 1 GB, depending on the model.
if it supports more, the best  upgrade is 2 identical sticks, or 1 single
avcompincConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would have to agree with nobus. Look up the spec for your machine on HP's website and max out the memory. Most likely your machine will take 2 gigs of ram. 1 gig in each slot. There are only 2 manufactures of ram in the world and lot of companies are just rebranding it with there name so buying ram is pretty bullet proff except on eBay you have to buy from a reputible seller. Some of these people that are claiming it is new are really selling raped parts and packaging it as new. So be aware of that.
hydrive48Author Commented:
Thanks!  Good advice!
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