how to install Jdk, Apache ant, gcc, rpm-build, which

i am working on Ubuntu 8.04lts, i have to install these things in my server

Jdk, Apache ant, gcc, rpm-build, which

plz guide me so that i can install them properly.

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Dear pawanopensource,

Since you are using ubuntu, you can use ubuntu's repo in order to install software and tools.

In the command-line run the following:

sudo apt-get install ant gcc rpm

You can specify tools as many as you want.

In order to see if the package is there or to see different versions you do the following:

after you write "sudo apt-get install" you can add gcc and then press TAB. The latter would return anything related to the word gcc that you can install.

on my ubuntu when i run: "sudo apt-get install gcc" and then I press TAB, I get the following:

nick@nick:~$ sudo apt-get install gcc
gcc               gcc-3.4-doc       gcc-4.2-base      gcc-h8300-hms
gcc-2.95          gcc-4.1           gcc-4.2-doc       gcc-m68hc1x
gcc-3.2           gcc-4.1-base      gcc-4.2-locales   gcc-multilib
gcc-3.3           gcc-4.1-doc       gcc-4.2-multilib  gcc-snapshot
gcc-3.3-base      gcc-4.1-locales   gcc-4.2-source    gccxml
gcc-3.3-doc       gcc-4.1-multilib  gcc-avr          
gcc-3.4           gcc-4.1-source    gcc-doc          
gcc-3.4-base      gcc-4.2           gcc-docs

The above shows all the packets that you can install.

I hope I helped.
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