Multiple COUNT functions using one SELECT

Does anyone know how to get two COUNT functions working on one SELECT statement?  I need to be able to count the total number of items a location has and the total times those items have been used in one query so I can chart the results through SSRS using a bar chart.  The chart can only accept one dataset, so the counts have to exist in the same query.

I've tried putting counts on selects using inner joins, and as subqueries of the initial select statement but haven't had any luck yet.

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if you're in SQL 2008, you can take advantage of the OVER clause. Check the query I've posted below (please note that I'm assuming your column names)
More info on the OVER clause here:

select 	distinct item
	count(item) over (partition by locationcolumn) countlocation,
	count(item) over (partition by usedcolumn) countused
from yourtable

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Rakesh JaiminiCommented:
you can use UNION or JOINS to get the required results

if you provide some sample data with required output then query can b formed
Goodangel MatopeSoftware ArchitectCommented:
It will be easier if we know what the table structures are like. Please put even a simplified structure showing the structure of the tables.
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scross1276Author Commented:
Ugh, as luck would have it, you guys are willing to help and now I have to run to a 3.5 hour meeting.  I'll post the info you're asking for when I get out of the meeting this afternoon.  I'm VERY sorry for the delay and GREATLY appreciate your quick response!!  The other information will be posted asap.
Based on your original description, here is a direction you could go...

   (select ItemName,count(*) as TotalCount from SomeTable where <predicate for total> group by ItemName) TotalItems
   inner join (select ItemName,count(*)as UsedCount from SomeTable where <predicate for used> group by ItemName) UsedItems
      on UsedItems.ItemName = TotalItems.ItemName

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scross1276Author Commented:
I have never heard of the OVER function before.  It worked perfectly!  Thanks so much!!
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