what causes errror Must declare the scalar variable "@Subsidiary".

Posted on 2010-01-08
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Last Modified: 2013-11-16
DECLARE            @BeginDate            DATETIME      = '07/01/2009';
                  @EndDate            DATETIME      = '01/05/2010';
                  @Subsidiary     INT                  = 2;
                  @Contract            VARCHAR(20)      = 'KD228';

SET @BeginDate = '07/01/2009';
      @EndDate = '01/05/2010';
      @Subsidiary = 2;
      @Contract= 'KD228';


                  WHEN @Subsidiary = 1
                  AND (RIGHT (RTRIM(R.CSTBTablCode),3)= 'DCF' AND TN.CSTBTablCode != '3')
                  THEN 'Error'
                  WHEN @Subsidiary = 1
                  AND (RIGHT (RTRIM(R.CSTBTablCode),3)= 'TNF' AND TN.CSTBTablCode = '3')
                  THEN 'Error'
                  WHEN @Subsidiary = 2
                  AND (SUBSTRING(R.CSTBTablCode,4,1)!= 'T' AND TN.CSTBTablCode != '3')
                  THEN 'Error'
                  WHEN @Subsidiary = 2
                  AND (SUBSTRING(R.CSTBTablCode,4,1) = 'T' AND TN.CSTBTablCode = '3')
                  THEN 'Error'
                  WHEN @Subsidiary = 2
                  AND (C.CSTBTablCode = '01' OR C.CSTBTablCode = '1')
                  THEN 'Error'
                  ELSE ''
            END                                                            AS ErrorFlag,
            TN.CSTBTablCode+'-'+TN.CSTBTablDesc            AS TANFType,
            R.CSTBTablCode                                          AS RU,
            C.CSTBTablCode                                          AS CostCenter,
                  WHEN ((@Subsidiary = 2 AND LEFT (RIGHT (R.CSTBTablCode,6),1) = '1')
                         OR (@Subsidiary = 1 AND RIGHT (LEFT (R.CSTBTablCode,3),1) = '1')) THEN 'AMH'
                  WHEN ((@Subsidiary = 2 AND LEFT (RIGHT (R.CSTBTablCode,6),1) = '2')
                         OR (@Subsidiary = 1 AND RIGHT (LEFT  (R.CSTBTablCode,3),1) = '2')) THEN 'ASA'
                  WHEN ((@Subsidiary = 2 AND LEFT (RIGHT (R.CSTBTablCode,6),1) = '3')
                         OR (@Subsidiary = 1 AND RIGHT (LEFT  (R.CSTBTablCode,3),1) = '3')) THEN 'CMH'
                  WHEN ((@Subsidiary = 2 AND LEFT (RIGHT (R.CSTBTablCode,6),1) = '4')
                         OR (@Subsidiary = 1 AND RIGHT (LEFT  (R.CSTBTablCode,3),1) = '4')) THEN 'CSA'
            END                                                      AS Prog,
            P.CSTBTablCode                                    AS ProcCode,
            P.CSTBStatOvcd                                    AS StatCode,
            F.CSTBTablDesc                                    AS Funding,
            CONVERT (varchar,T.ARTRTranDate,101)      AS BatchDate,
                  WHEN (T.ARTRDaodFlag = 1 AND T.ARTREditEror = 2) THEN 'Yes'
                  ELSE 'Error'
            END                                                      AS Transmit,
            T.ARTRTranCtrl                                    AS Control,
            S.ARSLOldcNumb                                    AS StaffID,
            S.ARSLSlmnDesc                                    AS Staff,
            R.CSTBStatCntr                                    AS RUContract,
            T.ARTRStatCntr                                    AS TransContract

FROM      KIS1.dbo.ARTran AS T

INNER       Join KIS1.dbo.CSTabl AS R ON R.CSTBRecdCtrl = T.ARTRReptUnit

INNER      JOIN KIS1.dbo.CSTabl AS F ON F.CSTBRecdCtrl =  R.CSTBSrvcFnd1

INNER       Join KIS1.dbo.CSTabl AS P ON P.CSTBRecdCtrl = T.ARTRSrvcCode

INNER      JOIN KIS1.dbo.CSTabl AS C ON C.CSTBRecdCtrl = T.ARTRStffCscn

INNER       JOIN KIS1.dbo.ARCust AS X ON X.ARCSCustCtrl = T.ARTRCustCtrl

INNER       JOIN KIS1.dbo.ARSale AS S ON S.ARSLSlmnCtrl = T.ARTRSaleCtrl

INNER      JOIN KIS1.dbo.CSAdmn AS A ON T.ARTRAdmsCtrl = A.CSADRecdCtrl

LEFT      JOIN KIS1.dbo.CSTabl AS TN ON TN.CSTBRecdCtrl = A.CSADTanfFlag

WHERE      T.ARTRSbsdCtrl = @Subsidiary AND
            T.ARTRPendFlag = 2 AND
            T.ARTRRecdType = 0 AND
            T.ARTREntyType = 191 AND
            --T.ARTRSendStat = 1 AND
            T.ARTRDaodFlag = 1 AND
            ((T.ARTRStatCntr = 'KD228') OR (R.CSTBStatCntr  LIKE '%KD228%'  AND T.ARTRStatCntr Is Null )) AND
            T.ARTRTranDate BETWEEN @BeginDate AND @EndDate

ORDER BY 1,4,3,T.ARTRTranCtrl
Question by:aircon
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Expert Comment

by:Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
ID: 26210588
a typo?
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Accepted Solution

pcelba earned 2000 total points
ID: 26210868
The problem is somewhere else:

Msg 139, Level 15, State 1, Line 0
Cannot assign a default value to a local variable.

and some more problems...

So, fix your declarations:

               @EndDate DATETIME,
               @Subsidiary INT,
               @Contract VARCHAR(20);

SET      @BeginDate = '07/01/2009'
SET      @EndDate = '01/05/2010'
SET      @Subsidiary = 2
SET      @Contract= 'KD228'

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