XP Safe Mode Boot Hangs on hpdskflt.sys

XP Pro installed on an HP 6910p.  hpdskflt.sys is a driver for the onboard mobile data protection sensor.  The O/S has been installed from an image from Altiris Recovery Solution.  I'd like to know if there is a way i can prevent this driver from being loaded at boot so I can bypass the issue.  The functionality of the sensor is not important at this time.
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frankie_wConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If possible, try getting to the XP recovery console with the XP CD. Once inside the console, go to the Windows root folder. Then type listsvc to make sure that hpdskflt.sys is on the list. Finally type disable hpdskflt.sys or just disable hpdskflt.
CPUAffinityAuthor Commented:
sweet, thanks.
If your SATA drives are running in AHCI mode, you may need to change it back to legacy/IDE mode before your Win XP CD will work....unfortunately this also means you may need to perform a full repair install of Win XP. The HP install has the AHCI drivers already installed, but the raw install from XP disk does NOT.
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