Trend Micro Worry Free Advanced / Standard - some questions

Some questions about Trend Worry Free:

I signed up for a trial for worry free advanced on a network with 2 servers (1 is sbs 2003 r2 and 1 is 2003 server) and 7 desktops.  

I installed advanced on the sbs box.. it said it was going to upgrade.  Turns out Worry Free standard was already installed on that box.

when I go into the trend control panel, help, about, it says it's worry free business security.  

"C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\Worry-Free Business Security.url"

They have a license for the 2 servers (and had avg on the desktops.  THey want to move to all trend now.  there's a 1/2 year on the license for the 2 servers.

a) how can you tell what version is installed / are the different (or are they the same except that advanced has the cloud spam filtering?).  both on the server and the clients?  after installing the trial advanced, I then ran the autopcc from \\server\ofcscan and the client help about says that it's trend micro client/server security agent

b) to buy the licenses for the 7 desktops, do I just buy 1 year of competitive upgrade?  How do I add the license?  Signing up for the trial of advanced, they gave me an activation key.  when I enter it into the server install, it still just says there's 2 licenses (but that's 2 standard licenses, but I did run the trial advanced install on the box and now trying to enter a license for advanced.


 doesn't say standard or advanced.  
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artoaperjanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You need to by a license from a Trend reseller.
Then you will receive a certificate like file in my case it was with email.
in that email you have some kind of code you need to go to trend site and create an account and log in
insert the code you have and you will get a serial numbers for different services.
after that you insert those serials in your Trend management server in the web interface. and all your licenses will be updated.

for the second time when you by the license and log in to your trend account put the license code there you don't need to manually copy the serial keys any more
you just open your trend management server in the web you say update the license and it will get it automatically even if you wait for a day it will get it without doing anything.

the site you need to log in is mentioned in the certificate you get.

I suggest that you buy your Trend certificate from a real trend partner in your country not just a seller.
Real partners also provide support so you can call them every day:)

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