RDP fails at 4pm everyday

Hello all,

Have an issue I hope someone can help us with . .

Last year we setup a dedicated terminal server for a client to allow several remote users to work from home on the custom apps our client uses.

Everything has been working perfectly until this week when for some reason the system stops accepting connections (and in some instances disconnects users already connected) between 4-4:30 PM everyday without fail. Strangely enough, the system works perfectly the next morning and stops at 4-4:30 again. We can still rdp onto it on the local LAN without issue but when we try to connect from an external IP address we get the "configuring remote session" and then it just comes up with the "Unable to connect to remote computer" error message.

So far we've tried/tested:

Doing a local reboot.

Rebooting and checking all router details - the router reports the connection been sent to the terminal server correctly.

Fully updating server 2k3, office, NOD32, etc.

Licencing is fine - 5 user licences, only 4 people actually use the machine/have access.

Nothing obvious in the event viewer.

Changed the network switch over/changed port/rebooted network switch.

The system is an old workstation we installed server 2003 onto (clean install). The only other programs installed are ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus, Office 2007, and one of the custom apps the clients uses (a basic access database utility). The system has been running fine for 6+ months.

We're scratching our heads trying to work out what could be causing it but are coming up fruitless. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Morty500Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Appear to have corrected the problem. Noticed an event error regarding "browser" in the event logs, something to do with constantly checking the main server for the terminal server license. Got another of our technicians to stop it from checking/replicating the licenses so regularly and we haven't had an issue since.
Red-KingIT ManagerCommented:
2 things come to mind.
The first is that this is being blocked on the firewall as you cannot access the server from a remote location.
The second is that there may be a Logon Hours policy defined in group policy which is forcing remote users to log out.

What happens if a user is logged into the machine over rdp from the local lan during this time period?

Morty500Author Commented:
I've checked the firewall (nothing blocking the connection at all) and there is no log-on policy in force.

Not all the users get logged out when this happens - occasionally one or two out of the four users will lose connection but the rest are fine. The problem is that the system will refuse any more connections after this happens until the next morning.

As for local users - nothing happens, they still have connection and can establish a new connection without any problems.
Any hours policy on your modem and / or firewall?
Morty500Author Commented:
No, there are no policies regarding log-on times on either the terminal server, main server, or router. When this occurs I can easily log onto the main server via RDP without any problems and from there I can log onto the terminal server, but can not connect to the terminal server directly through RDP.
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