Installing Cisco Unity 4 on Windows 2003

We have Unity installed on a failing server that is currently running Windows 2000.
We have the original Install CDs
We want to place Windows 2003 [It doesn't look like Cisco will suport 2008 for Unity 4 installation]

Do we require different instaltion CDs or will the originals work?

You cannot download the primary installation CD from Cisco, only upgrades and patches.

It has been a very long time since we had to install Unity and we can't upgrade until 3rd quarter of this year so I have to install 4.

Thank you.
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EnclosAdminConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to install Unity 4 on Windows Server 2003 without their CD but it was much more difficult that if I had their CD because their CD comes with all of the stuff on it I had to go find.

I installed our Server 2003 on the server and then I placed our Unity 4 install CD and began the install.  It errors a few times looking for files that would be included on the 2003 CD as they are on the 2000 CD however the ones on the 2000 are different enough that you need to find newer files.  Some can be ignored because the upgrade files to get it to Unity 4.2 will eventually fill those gaps however there were a few I had to go find on the internet to get it to load.

Once it is installed on the server everything is much easier.  All of the updates loaded properly etc.

I would call it a hack install because of all of the steps and hoops we had to jump through to get it installed however it will be supported according to our partner because they can access everything and it is a valid licensed install.  In other words when they web-ex'd onto the system they could find no reason not to support it.  If they did we'd be on our own if an actual case occurred.

voipman you are correct that Cisco would not assist with the installation without their Unity 2003 CD however I knew they would not.  They are very picky at Cisco about assisting in anything that's not right out of their book.  Our contract supports Unity 4.2 and in the end they really don't care which OS it sits on as long as it was installed the way they want you to install it.

So to summarize, you can install Unity 4 on 2003 if you only have the Unity 2000 CD.  It isn't a pleasant experience and will take some time but in the end I believe that is is worth it to have it on the newer OS.
DO you want to do a new install with 2003 on a new server?  Or you ugrading the server with 2003 to 2003?
EnclosAdminAuthor Commented:
I want to rebuild the server that Unity is currently on which has Windows 2000 on it.

I want to put Windows 2003 on it and then place Unity on that 2003 server.

We want to add it to our new domain but we don't want any servers older than Windows 2003 on the domain.

Thank you.
You will need the windows 2003 cisco discs otherwise it will not be supported by cisco and they will not assist you if you have trouble installing it.  
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