AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 Fatal Installation Error = Failed, Installation aborted, Result=1603

After I attempted to install AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 it failed and I received a FATAL INSTALLATION ERROR

Please help.
Here is my error log for this application install but I'm not sure as to how I would resolve this issue
2010/1/8:10:02:21      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup started on US22-0AHTA4E by MyLoginName===
2010/1/8:10:02:54      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup started on US22-0AHTA4E by MyLoginName===
2010/1/8:10:03:05      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup ended ===

2010/1/8:11:54:35      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      Install      Autodesk Design Review 2010      Succeeded      
2010/1/8:11:54:56      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      Install      DirectX 9.0 Runtime      Succeeded      
2010/1/8:11:55:25      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      Install      AutoCAD Mechanical 2010      Failed      Installation aborted, Result=1603
2010/1/8:11:56:59      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup ended ===

2010/1/8:11:59:53      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup started on US22-0AHTA4E by MyLoginName===
2010/1/8:12:00:20      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup started on US22-0AHTA4E by MyLoginName===
2010/1/8:12:00:29      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      === Setup ended ===

2010/1/8:12:03:55      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      Install      DirectX 9.0 Runtime      Succeeded      
2010/1/8:12:04:09      MyLoginName      US22-0AHTA4E      Install      AutoCAD Mechanical 2010      Failed      Installation aborted, Result=1603

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mseufertAuthor Commented:
The Solution is to install the program directly from the Installation DVD and NOT from a copied location on a server.

Thanks for your contributions
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
You pick up the phone and call Autodesk or your VAR you purchased it from :D
Check the TEMP folder (sort by date/time) and see if there's a detailed log of just AcadM. The log you posted appears to be a log of the entire install process. Each prereq and product typically has it's own detailed log which can provide additional information.

If it doesn't, the SETUP.INI typically can be edited (you'll have to be familiar with MSIEXEC switches) to include a verbose log.
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