Group policy for automatic configuration script in IE

I'm trying to get a group policy to work with an automatic configuration script for our proxy settings in IE.

I've enabled the policy in:
user config\windows settings\internet explorer maintenance\connection\automatic browser configuration

This policy pushes the script out to IE just fine but it fails to enable the check box that says 'Use automatic configuration script' So for a number of our users the script is in the box but grayed out and disabled...

This is particularly annoying because I want to disable internet options for the users so if it isn't checked off I have no way of getting to the setting to fix it.
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PerimeterITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It looks like the check box gets enabled any time we make a change to the policy but for some users profiles it just remains off.

Our new proxy (websense) has the option of integrating directly into our firewall instead of pushing out settings though Group Policy. We went with that instead.
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
try to enforce the policy
PerimeterITAuthor Commented:
No joy,

It puts the setting sin the field but doesn't enable it
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
did you change any other policies besides this one ? maybe the default domain policy has the settings that overwrites yours?
This doesn't provide a solution.. it provides a suggestion to purchase a product that integrates directly into your firewall.. I don't want to do that with my appliance..
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