Vmware ESXi 4 - Automatically Boot Guest After Host Restarted

I believe this will be an easy answer, but I cant seem to find anything via web search, and I'm too lazy to dig through the documentation . :-)

We have a new Vmware ESXi 4.0 Update 1 server running a few VM's. Is there a setting that will auto-start the guest OS's after the ESX host is restarted?

After an unexpected outage, I have to login to the host to restart the guests, but would like to not have to do this.
Thanks for your time!
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Go in the vSphere Client to the host and the on the tabs - Configuration - Software - VM Start / Shutdown.
There you can set up a list of vm's for start up and in which order.
ottobockAuthor Commented:
Perfect! Thanks!
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