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Do I need to digitally sign an InfoPath form that will be published to SharePoint with full trust and be browser enabled?  My understanding is that digital signatures are only necessary if sending the form to someone.  Any explanation of digital signing would be appreciated.
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bank_on_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Basically a digital signature just gives you information about the credentials that were used to sign onto the computer at the time the document was "signed" as well as date & time stamp.  Sharepoint already captures that information when the form is submitted in the created by column in your forms library.

It really depends on the form and the requirements your organization has implemented on the form for proof of who "signed" it.  It is a fairly easy process to add the digital signature for both the form developer & the end user, so I would recommend using this feature whenever possible.  The information will be stored on sharepoint, but what if you need to email the form to someone or print it out?  A digital signature will provide reasonable proof that the person who signed it, was indeed the person who "signed" it.

Here is more information about using digital signatures with Infopath:
EduMgtSPDevAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, very helpful.  Basically I have some managed code that emails the contents of the form.  I had to use managed code because the email had to be sent in text format and I wasn't able to figure out how to send the InfoPath form without the HTML format.  There is an error when sending the email and someone was insistent that digitally signing the form would fix this but I don't think it will.  From what you're telling me the digital signature won't help.
There may be something in your code.  Care to post it here so we can offer suggestions?
EduMgtSPDevAuthor Commented:
It is a security problem with using the SharePoint smtp server.  I am not as concerned with the code as the digi signature piece  :)  I just wanted to make sure I was right about it.  She is just learning SharePoint dev and I didn't like her arguing with me about stuff she doesn't know.  I'm going to let her figure out the problem but she needs to elevate perms.  I much appreciate your explanation on digital sigs though!
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