Is it possible to have a mutli-line display grid view? In my case, I have 10 fields to display on one row. It will be too tight to display them on one line, so I need to put 6 fields on the first line, 3 fields on the second and one on the third. So I need each row to look like this:

Line/Part Number/Desc/Note  Quantity Cost         Sell         Vendor
1.00 MyPartNumber                 10          2.49         4.95        My Vendor
Decription of part                    Each      3-4 week delivery  My Vendor Name
Note pertaining to part

So as you can see each row contain 10 fields and these fields are displayed over 3 lines.
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Rakesh JaiminiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I bellieve they are an actual property of the data view
yes i was talking about the same
there is too much for 1 question as expert-exchange allows you to ask one question per thread
anyways try following
1) when you assign datetime value to textbox use date1.Date instead of date1
2)the left column is rowheader, You can hide row headers in the DataGridView control by using the RowHeadersVisible property
3) and 4)
this.dataGridView1.Columns["UnitPrice"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c";
this way you can set the format of cell to currency type
also check this
Rakesh JaiminiCommented:
i suggest you to use scrollbars :)
instead of creating this kind of layout because it would not be user friendly
rwheeler23Author Commented:
I will play around with scrollbars. I do not see it as a control but I will search. I bellieve they are an actual property of the data view. Speaking of which, if you look a that attached screen shot, I have a couple of questions.
1) In my data view grid the date formats to MM/DD/YY. However, in my text box above is it the long type format. How do I correct this?
2) On the screen shot how did I get rid of the column on the far left that has the little black arrow? That is just wasting space.
3) How do I set the format of the line number column to have just 2 decimal places?
4) How do set the cost and sell colmns to be decimal?

Finally is there any documentation that describes all of these format types?
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