elitekiller.com - legitimate and useful for malware removal?

I recently had a trojan infect my PC.  My installed antivirus/anitspam product failed to catch or remove it.  I purchased another one which appears to have identified and removed it. I've been researching recent PC Magazine and other product reviews as well as NSS lab test reviews to try to determine the best anti-malware products to use going forward.  The information and resources listed on elitekiller.com appear of value.  Are they legitmate and considered useful for malware discovery and removal?
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There's some good advice on that site. He lists some of the more common antimalware and antivirus suites that are known to be reliable (and free). Such as Malwarebytes, HiJackThis, AntiVir, etc.
In addition to the suites he listed there is another free antimalware/antivirus suite that I have tested out for the past few months with good success.
It's real time protection and doesn't eat up system resources.
I didn't see anything in his article about rootkits though. That's another thing that you may want to read up on and familiarize yourself with.

Download Malwarebyte update it over the net and run full scan: http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

Also download CounterSpy 15 day full trial version,update it over the net and run a deep scan of it: http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/Home-Home-Office/Anti-Spyware/

Faraz H. Khan
Scubaguy1950Author Commented:
I appreciate the input from both David-Howard and farazhkhan.  I awarded DH more points simply because he was the first to reply and directly commented on the value of the elitekiller.com information.

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