Opening Port 8443 on SBS2003


I have an employee that has purchased an online reference guide that utilizes DRM. In order to open/view it we need to open port 8443 on the server. Can anyone advise as to how to do this. Thnk you. Cheers!
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ee_autoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
unless you have ISA on server sbs 2003, you dont open ports.

once you open it, it should open it

to check
netstat -a will list all listening ports.
if it is not listening, it is not open

I don't get the fact that you need to open 8443 on the server, You shouldn't have to.
If you are running SBS2003 Premium and have ISA installed, In order to communicate via port 8443 using
HTTPs, You need to create a rule for it in ISA as it's not a standard port.
You can do it manually
or you can use the following utility to automatically do it for you.
The link below is the same tool but actually gives you more explanation on what Isatrpe does.
Good luck!
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bbiitAuthor Commented:
limjianan: Ran that command and I didn't see that port listed.

vico1: I didn't think so, either, but the guy on their end of tech support said I needed to. Any other ideas as to why it wouldn't open. It gives me an error message that says that I'm "not connected to the network'. Weird. Cheers!
Do you have ISA installed on the server?
If so that is what he's reffering to since this would be a common problem among network using SBS Premiun with ISA server installed.
You see, ISA Server will stop any any secure connection, in or out that is not the standard port (443). Therefore you have to add the non standard port as exception. The link above will run a wizard to do it for. BUt of course if you know your way very well around ISA you don't have to use the utility. But My opinion it's best to use it. It's quick.
Now in the other hand It doesn't hurt to try open port 8443 on the server. If it doesn't change the behavior you would just remove it again.
To do so just run the "Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard" and add port 8443.
bbiitAuthor Commented:
vico 1:

I apologize, but I'm pretty green at this stuff. Could you tell me how to launch the wizard? I googled and can find how to run it, but not how to launch it. Thank you.
bbiitAuthor Commented:
vico 1: Nevermind. Got it! I'll try to open the port. Thanks!
bbiitAuthor Commented:
vico 1: OK. I don't know what just happened, but all of a sudden I can't access any of our mapped network drives. Nobody can see the server, and e-mail has stopped. I think it has to do with the wizard. It asked for the IP of my router and I think I answered incorrectly. It ran through all the setups at the end of the wizard, and all came up with a green checkmark, but I lost all network access. Help!

Don't Panic ,
You just have to follow the wizard and enter the right in formation.
The link below will help you:

Follow it from "Post installation"

bbiitAuthor Commented:
vico1: O.K. That looks good, but I don't know what the IP address of my router is. It won't let me continue without it. Any idea how to get it?
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