Uninstall Driver thats already been uninstalled

Hope some one can help me.

I am trying to hook up a Blackberry 88** to a Dell XP SP3 laptop with bluetooth, the user needs to offload dat. In order for the BlackBerry to connect to the laptop i must use the Microsoft bluetooth drive and not the Dell driver(as stated by blackberry).

 I uninstalled the Dell BT driver but the device remains in the Device manager. If i right click on the Device and uninstall it, it comes right back. XP will not let me load the XP BT driver because it sees the Dell BT driver. If i delete the Dell BT driver file a .sys file XP throws up an error asking for the file. Went through the registry and deleted all references to the .sys file but i still have the problem.

I have found documents online that same you must restore the OEM**.inf file in windows/inf. But you must find the right OEM**.inf driver by referencing the inf the Dell driver is using. When i look at the Dell driver in device manager it is referencing a .sys file in a different folder no inf. So i am stuck.

Using a usb cable will not work, boken on the phone.
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Daniel_P67Author Commented:
Please close this topic, never found out how to get rid of the driver. The above did not help. Got around the problem a different way.
I don't know anything about the specific BB/bluetooth issue you're having, but I do know a fair bit about device installation...

Assuming that the Microsoft driver supports your device, you should be able to forcibly override which driver is chosen for your device. Instead of doing Uninstall, try this:

1) Right click->Update driver
2) No, not at this time. Next
3) Install from a list or a specific location. Next
4) Don't search, I will choose the driver to install. Next
5) Hopefully at this point you have multiple choices to pick from, one being the MS supplied drivers. If not, you have select "Have disk" and point device manager off to someplace where you have the MS drivers.


Daniel_P67Author Commented:
That does not work it only sees the Dell driver no Microsoft! I have tried it many times :(

I try to load the inf file but it either stills says Dell Driver or i get an error related to no hardware information found. Even went as far copying my inf files over. No go.
Use this procedure to show non-present devices.  You should then be able to remove the Dell driver.
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