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How do I connect two Remote Site

How do I connect two remote sites together using the Internet other than VPN. I am think more of using routers and a routing protocol say EIGRP over the internet. Thanks
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VPN is just a security tool used to encrypt traffic between two sites. If you do not want to use a VPN then your other options would depend on what your ISP will provide.
EIGRP and other IGP routing protocols are not designed to run over the internet. BGP is the protocol you would look into for a routing protocol.
ISPs can offer solutions such as MPLS. THis will allow both locations to communicate with each other as if they were directly connecte.
What are you trying to accomplish? this might help us give you a better or detailed explination
You can try this, GoToAssist.
It is a pay-per-use/day. I believe it's $9.95


There is free software like this but I advise against it since they are most likely unsecure.
BiotechsAuthor Commented:
I am trying to setup a connection between both of our LAN in seperate Location. Which we already have running using VPN but we want do away with VPN for a seamless slolution that require no cients what so ever.
When you say client do you mean a client on your computers? With a firewall or router you can setup a site to site vpn between each loaction. The router/firewall handles the VPN setup not the computers. Your clients will not need to do anything to communicate with the other location.
When you are setting up communications between two locations VPNs are always recommended. Even if your ISP provides a dedicated circuit between the two locations you still chance the event of others siffting through your traffic.
A good rule of thumb: if you do not administer the devices 100% that your traffic passes through then always assume your traffic will be compromised. Your best bet is a site to site VPN. Get a couple ASA or sonicwall firewalls and you will be set.
If you are using any voice or sensitive data such as video or other bandwidth intensive applications, it may be in your best interest to look to the carriers to provide QoS through the network.  Most flavors of MPLS and some carrier IP/VPN solutions provide CoS or QoS depending on the backbone type.  Another option would be to use dedicated point to point private lines in the case that you don't need any to any connectivity, and are simply looking for a hub and spoke network.  Since private lines are distance sensitive from a price perspective, it would also help if the sites were relatively close to the host.  You can still use another layer of security on these types of circuits, but the upside to these is they aren't going over the public internet.  Best of luck!

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