Exchange 2007 Anti-spam IP Block List Providers is not working

I have 1 Exchange 2007 server running on Server 2003 and have all roles installed on the 1 box.  I have installed the anti-spam part of Exchange 2007 and have enabled all of the anti-spam features one being the IP Block List Providers.
I've added the following providers to the IP Block List Providers with their respective DNS suffix and enabled them all:
We have recently had a good amount of spam come in and one in particular that got my attention.  I go into the message options of the email and get the originating IP address.  I run this IP address against the test-ipblocklistprovider commandlet in EMS and it comes back as being listed on the specific blacklist (either SpamHaus, SORBS, or SpamCOP).  Why is Exchange not blocking that email?  
I also verified the IP address by going to barracuda's website and it is listed as poor.  And I can't just add the IP address to the IP block list in Exchange because there are tons of different IP addresses.
Does anyone know why it's not being blocked? Or is there a way to track the message and see where the IP Block List Provider is failing to block it?

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!
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try to restart Microsoft exchange transport service ...

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Have you installed the latest Patches / Rollups for Exchange 2007 yet?
Latest Service Pack is Service Pack 2 -
No guarantees - but it just might improve your situation.
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