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    I have a user that has the new iPhone 3GS.  Does iPhone support creating groups in your contacts so you can use to send a text to multiple contacts.  I know you can start a new text and send to multiple recipients but they send text messages to a few groups of the same contacts and want to see if they can create some groups to make it easier to blast his text out.  They SYNC with their Outlook but it doesn't seem to be grabbing the Distribution Lists.  Thanks.
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Unfortunately you cant use the groups in the iPhones Contacts area for sending a single message to multiple recipients. Instead, as you know, to send one message to many you must tap in the To field of a new text message, tap the Plus icon, choose a contact, and, if that contact has more than one phone number listed in their Info screen, choose the phone number you want to use. To add the next recipient, click the Plus icon again, and so on.

Once you have created a message to a group of people you can send another text to the same group by selected the original text message and send another text..
bobohostAuthor Commented:
Gotcha....thanks for reply
bobohostAuthor Commented:
Found an App called TextPlus which allows you to create groups.
bobohostAuthor Commented:
Found an App called TextPlus that works.  Without that app SteIT solution works.
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