WORM Storage solutions

I am looking for a product that will provide me with a Write Once Read Many storage architecture. I am wondering if there is an OS for building a NAS that can be installed that will provide a WORM architecture. (Open Source or otherwise) Has anyone heard of such a thing? The cost of an EMC Centera or other products out there are just too enormous to justify moving from tape at the amount of data we are storing.
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Handy HolderConnect With a Mentor Saggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
How much data are you talking about? Medical systems do get enormous just like astronomical data and I don't see tape getting replaced any time soon. A disk based open source product cannot be compliant since with access to the source code you can modify the data unless someone's invented a physical switch or firmware to make a disk do WORM.

Come to think about it it would be pretty simple to implement in disk firmware but then you have the problem that firmware updates would have to be disallowed for compliance or you'd be able to put normal firmware on the disk, change its data and then put the WORM firmware back on.
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