How to save, edit, and read data (in code behind) from an unbound Gridview in ASP.NET

Hi experts,

I am having some issues trying to save and edit data from an unbound gridview.  Is this even possible?
Here's the scenario.  I populate a gridview in VS2008 with a dataset and datatable which I create programmatically
on Page_Load of the main page.  This grid contains a listing of the fieldnames from an xsd fille that changes based
on what report a user selects from a hard-coded folder path.  This grid also contains sorting options for sorting
any of the fields (given a numeric #), whether or not to include a given field on a report, and whether or not sorting
should occur in Ascending or Descending order.  The population of this grid with field names is fine and Edit/Update/Cancel
links are visible.  My problem is in obtaining the values after the user hits update so that I can save it to the in-memory
recordset and then re-bind the grid with the new data.  In this way I can build a dynamic SQL statement to build a
query for a report which will then get rendered via the in memory dataset.  Does anyone have any concrete examples
that actually work or give me some links that will actually help me out?  

I have tried to get the controls data via findcontrols at various levels in the object but I still seem to get nothing

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Please try the following link.

Unbound GridView
sharizodAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ramesh!  I tried creating the fields dynamically before and the controls would end up being named random names (ctl09, ctl10 etc..) which wasn't working too well.  The templated fields did the trick, although in the example, in the html, I found that I had to use '<%# Container.DataItem("FieldName") %>' instead of '<%# Bind("FieldName") %>' which was throwing errors at runtime.

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