Production win2003 web servers and Symantec Endpoint client install- best practice


I have 5 production web and sql servers (windows 2003 / mssql 2005) that I want to upgrade the AV from Symantec 10.1 to Endpoint 11.0.5. I am concerned about auto protect settings, etc interfering with web / sql server in general. i will be contacting software vendors that designed .net 2.0 apps running on system as well, but was curious if this is a standard best practice to install endpoint on web servers / sql server. v10.1 just has AV, but endpoint has network threat protection, spyware protection etc. Thanks for any input.
Mark BDirector ITAsked:
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jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
here are some articles to consider reading.
Also you might want to install your the antivirus first and leave everything else off this will help you isolate perfomace issues. Personally i only have the av running on my windows servers. all my other computers have all the features turned on.
Mark BDirector ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this was helpful.
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