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Can you set a radio button to NULL in InfoPath?

Is there any way to Null out a radio button in InfoPath Forms? Here is my situation:
I have a question that is set to conditionally display based on the answer to the question above it. The answers are chosen using radio buttons. So if someone clicks Yes on Question 1, Question 1A appears. However, if someone enters an answer to question 1A and then clicks No on Question 1, the question hides, but the answer to Question 1A remains in place.  The best I can seem to do is to either hide it or set it to false, but I would like to make it appear that the question was never answered. Is there any way to do this? Thanks.
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Not sure if am tracking exactly but you can reset a value even if it is hidden.

Typically you should use sections and hide them if you have more than one control to hide.

On each control setup the rules you need to adjust the other values you need.
janicet123Author Commented:
Thanks, Clay. Yes, I am trying to reset the value of the radio buttons to Null, or its de-selected state. It was during usability testing for a form that I discovered this potential problem.
Currently, Question 2 is conditionally hidden. If Yes is selected for Question 1, Question 2 appears. If the user answers Question 2, and then changes their answer of Question 1 to "No", Question 2 hides. However, I noticed that the answer to Question 2 stays populated. So what I want to do is remove the selected answer so that no radio button for Question 2 stays selected when the answer to Question 1 is No. The best I have been able to do is set the answer to False or True, or "1" or "0". If I set it to (blank) nothing happens.

janicet123Author Commented:
I found the answer. I was trying to put a value into that radio button. But what I actually wanted was no value. Leaving the value field blank worked like a charm.

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