Why do I get a # sign and a number when I export my SharePoint list?

Whenever I export a SharePoint list that has Lookup type columns I end up with a # sign and a number between each value that is in the cell.  The number seems to corrispond to the ID number for the list that the column is using as the lookup source.  

Admin Forms;#1;#FormsPipe;#5
Admin Forms;#1;#Documaker;#7;#Form Duplicated on LIDI;#9;#FormsPipe;#5

This becomes problematic when trying to use the Excel filterss since the different combinations result in different selections in the dropdown menu for the excel filter. (see attachement for example)

Is there a way to either prevent these from showing up in the SharePoint export or to remove them from the Excel cell so that the filter will function properly...  

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Ted BouskillConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
I think that's the only way Sharepoint can reattach the lookup's if you want to reimport the list.  For example our team exports to Excel to do bulk editing in Excel which is faster than the Sharepoint UI so this behaviour is by design and useful to our team.

Sorry I don't think there is a work around
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