SAS vs SATA in RAID 0?

I am trying to configure a new computer (from Dell) for my database guy.  He has at least 2 full-blown SQL instances on his desktop.  His current machine is a little over 3 years old.  It has 2 10k RPM SATA hard drives (Western Digital-EX, if that makes any difference) in RAID 0.  This new one that we are getting has a better processor and better ram, but I figure that won't matter TOO much if his hard drives were his bottle neck in the first place (because he does so much reading and writing).  So my question is: If I'm running two drives in RAID 0, would I really see that much of a performance increase going with SAS 10k over SATA 10k?

And just out of curiosity, what about SAS 15k over SATA 10k?

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
SAS over SATA if both are 10k drives is largely dependent on the duty cycle -- a SAS drive is designed for much higher duty cycles and can maintain consistently high transaction rates better than their SATA cousins.    But for most desktop use there will be very little difference.

15k drives is another story -- you'll see a very nice performance gain if you use 15k drives ... they have both much better access times and notably faster sustained transfer rates.
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