Problem Connecting Multiple Computers to Wireless Network

We have 5 laptops in our home wireless network and two wireless printers, but for some reason each time we try to connect the fifth laptop to the wireless network,all other four laptops lose connection to the wireless network.
 We are using a DSL modem and a Netgear Wireless Router WPNT834 in our setup.

We checked the DHCP server on the Network Wireless Router and seemed to be properly configured. We have 100 internal available addresses.  We are starting to think that there could something wrong with wireless router, perhaps a software issue, but we can only replicate the problem after connecting the fifth laptop to the wireless network.

Is there something that we can try to find the root cause of the problem besides replacing the  wireless router?

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try disable NETbios over TCP/IP in network properties on all laptop to exclude this issue is a broadcast negative effect.
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
on the laptop that crashes all other, install Wireshark: and capture packets on WiFi card and see if there's a LOT of packets with errors or broadcast
teamkisAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help.  We decided to fix the problem by simply replacing the wireless access point. All five laptops and wireless printers are  now connecting  to the new wireless access point with no problem at all.  
teamkisAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for all of your  troubleshooitngs ideas.  
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