Open Atrium/Drupal: Feature Module: New Open Atrium feature concept could use feedback?

In anticipation of creating an intranet for my organization, I'm attempting to create my first group feature (and feature in general).

Fortune Cookie: Give your group the encouragement only a fortune cookie could provide.

I even made the icon yay!

Alongside the group calendar, shoutbox, blog, etc, I want to add a fortune cookie feature that shows a random fortune cookie each time the url is loaded. It's simple, and I'll blog about how it was created. I'm just fuzzy on a few things I was hoping to get guru advise on:

If I were to create a fortune cookie content type, would the fortune cookie nodes I create in dev transfer over with my feature?

I'm reading . Do you see anything different with this feature than what is discussed on this page? Any additional thoughts?

My fortune cookie view may need some theming e.g. add a fortune cookie to the side of the view. How does that work with the theming of a view?

Am I missing anything? (besides a few screws?)

Thanks for your feedback in advance. I don't require much hand holding .If you had any short examples or just plain feedback I'd be super appreciative. :)
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Have a look at the following:

Good Luck!

UltrusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback. The fortune module gets a bit complicated with .dat files and other admin level stuff. I guess I was just trying to get some working use out of Open Atrium features without getting too detailed. Pulling 'fortune' out of the air seemed simple.

What I did instead was create a working 'glossary of terms' feature to include in the the intranet documentation group. It's practical and meets a specific need.

I appreciate your advise and wish you a fantastic afternoon!
Glad to assist!
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