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linux roaming profile mount from NFS

In the Windows environment you can have a roaming profile. This means my profile is stored on a server along with my profile on the local client. This is useful for persons who don't have a dedicated PC. A user may log onto any PC with their account and maintain a personalized environment with their desktop preferences and settings intact. Is something like this a standard possibility with GNOME or KDE?
3 Solutions
say your home folder is in /mnt/home/username

when u add the user, set his home as /mnt/home/username instead of the normal /home/username

is this what you meant or little more advanced?

If the users are in samba, configure the home there and mount the nfs directories across your servers.
You can probably use something like amutils http://www.am-utils.org/ to achieve this that would automatically mount the user's home directory from a central location to the logged in machine.
there is no standard possibility to do this with GNOME or KDE
but you can use remote user desktop on X-Server
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ixcorpAuthor Commented:

Will the same GNOME or X-Client profile work under difference release of RedHat? Like RedHat release 3.9, 4.6, 4.8 etc?

Thanks everyone for taking to comment on my question.
Yes, if you mean, that client will connect to X-Server from rh 3.9, 4.6, 4.8 workstation. btw client may connect from any thin client, useing RDP, VNC or XRDP protocol.
But keep in mind, that if you have a lot of clients connected, your X-server may run out of resources.
How many roaming profiles you want to have?
If you want, you may contact me by email and i'll test a solution for you, because here is some ways to do, depending on users quantity and user software:
1st - is VNC server (remote desktop via vnc-client or web-browser) (high load on server if a lot of users)
2nd is XRDP (XWindow) server (high load on server if a lot of users)

3rd way is to hold all home folders on NFS or samba server, and do user auth via AD, NIS or somehing else. Your file server can export /homes to workstations and user can get all he want.
ixcorpAuthor Commented:
I mean with the same profile mounted from NFS, a user can login into rh 3.9, 4.6, 4.8 workstations and get the GNOME GUI without any issue because of different release of rh involved?
I think, that user WILL have problems, due to gnome version-to-version compatibility problems.
You must use same version of evolution, firefox, openoffice and so on  on all workstations

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