Firewire Video switch on the cheap

My school is getting a video switch
we have a digital work flow and we do everything with firewire.
accidentally We got an analog video switch, we are returning it, but we can't figure out what to get in exchange

does anyone know of something practical to convert composite or s-video signals to firewire?
or better yet, a cheap digital alternative that allows us to connect the video switch to a mac laptop, preferably from B&H.
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dwow132000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the Canopus ADVC55 or any of their other products. They're a little bit pricey but have really solid equipment.
You may also consider going USB, as Firewire is being phased out. Here's a cheap converter for about $40.

If you're doing live switching, I'd get a digital switcher--but that is overkill for basic offline editing. You can also use some DV cams with firewire out and composite in as a throughput.
OldarneyAuthor Commented:
I wish it was smaller and cheaper, but oh well.
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