html transform text skew

can you change the perspective of a html you could in maybe fit a window that is not straight on view
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Oh wow I had no idea this was on the horizon!!  I found some information & code for using skew to transform objects.  It may or may not work on text but looks to be what you are after.  details here:

Example code for various browsers here:

I will be experimenting with this myself when I get some free time.
I am not aware of anything out there for this, but images work really well for this affect.  You can always use the image as an href if needed as well.  One thing that is nice about using images to display text, is you can be really creative with fonts, positioning etc & not have to worry about the user seeing a substituted font because their system doesn't support the really cool one you picked out.  I am a big fan of using images to dress up an otherwise boring site.  Obviously you don't want to get too carried away with using images for text, but there is a new technique called a "sprite" to make loading the images really fast.  You can read more about using a "sprite" here:

I just learned about this & was dieing to pass the info on...sorry if it doesn't completely answer your question, but if you are like me this new technique will get you excited as well!  Happy coding.  :D
I assume you need to rotate a text 90 deg????


.textNeededtoFlip {
chefkeiferAuthor Commented:
not so much rotate but just skew a bit so that it fits on the side of a window that you are not looking straight on at
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