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Good evening everyone,

I've had nothing but issues with Teliax and am looking to make a transition to a more stable VoIP provider. Currently, I use Trixbox and am using a local number (SIP trunk). I know there are alternatives such, nufone, and others, but many of them lack features such as local numbers. Can anyone please advise on a VoIP (sip) provider they have had good experience and would recommend?

Thanks in advance!
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Broadvoice is also very good for unlimited plans. Cheapest I've found.
we use 8x8 and its been great
I use FlowRoute, they're the cheapest I've found and they have great service. No complaints at all.

One word of advice with Broadvoice: it's a great choice if you get the "consumer" plan. It's the only provider we found so far that has international included in a monthly flat-fee plan. But if you are using it for business, they'll recognize your call pattern (larger number of calls, mostly during business hours) and shutdown your account, asking you to migrate to their business plan, which is not interesting at all.

If you are planning to have a business use, you should try iCALL. The interesting part with this guys is that just like the PSTN telcos, they can offer different routes to one destination, with various prices/quality. For example, if you have a client in Canada that you call a lot, and a vendor in the Philippines, you can select a route with excellent voice quality to Canada at a good price, and a route with 'ok voice quality' to talk to your vendor in the Philippines at a great rate. They offer a free trial.

Besides this, Voicepulse is still a great choice, and are one of the rare provider to give you all the asterisk script to run a "rate check" in the dialplan prior to sending them the call. This way you can decide within the dialplan if you want to route the call there or not. They have a free trial.

Let us know what you think of the providers that have been referenced here so far, and if you have any other requirements, especially in terms of pricing and routes.
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