Joomla on Apache MWSQL issue

Ok, heres what i have, I installed a LAMP server on ubuntu 8.10 server.  I installed php and Joomla and got the joomla site up and another php shopping site all working fine on this server. my company paid for a web design person to design a joomla site.  I got the site today, uploaded it via webmin, created the mysql database and then went into the mysql tab of webmin, execute sql from file and pointed it to the database provided.  and the Jos_ tables etc all load fine.  but I am still getting  "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL"  I am attaching the config.php. Could someone look at it and see if i'm missing something?

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change in the file:

var $log_path =
var $tmp_path =

to be relative to server path.


set your DB password in this variable which is currently empty.

var $password =

Additionaly check whether your "database name" have any "prefix".........

let me know it works buddy :)
In the file there is database password missing. Did you remove intentionally or is that the reason the site cannot connect to the database?
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
i noticed that too, but when i tried to put the password var in it gave  a different error when loading, something about not being able to change it after the fact. the developer didn't specify there was a db password.  What do you mean by prefix for the database name?
If there is no password on the database you have another - security this time - problem. Please check it. Try using some tools (e.g MySQL Workbench)  to see if you can connect to the database and see it's content.

Sometimes when you have multiple CMS (like joomla) in one database they use various prefixes for their tables.
jasonmichelAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help, but i figured it out, when i tried to add the Var $password i got an error that it can't duplicate. it wasn't supposed to have a DB password, farther down the config there was a var $session_handler = 'database'; with a var $password under it, so i put the dba password in there and voila it worked...thanks for the help though!
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