Using SQL in Excel to Select from Cell value

I am using some sql in a module in my Excel file and need to know if I need to Select a value from a cell in Sheet if that is possible using SQL?

Set RST = New ADODB.Recordset
 SQL = "SELECT  [Business Group Code], [Business Unit Code] FROM [AllData]"
RST.Open SQL, cn, adOpenStatic
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Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorCommented:
Can you attach an example file so I can see exactly what you are looking for?  If you need to select a value from a cell it would seem easier to have VBA pull the value rather than writing a SQL query unless I'm misunderstanding the question.
You can do.  The trick is to have headers in the sheet - or have a named range...  then you can SQL query it as you would any other database table.

  Easiest way to see the syntax is to create a querytable using the wizard - and then use


in your immediate window to get used to Excels table names and such.  Once you are used to that - yes you can just code your queries with SQL.

Medicine1Author Commented:
John15-16  = the example would be

A                                        B
Business Group              XYZ
Business Unit                 ABC
Business Org                  DCD      

I understand the named ranged piece for having a table, but these will be row headings and that is why I am asking.  Can it be done with row headings?  
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