ISAPI Rewrite with coldfusion advice

I've just discovered my host offers ISAPI Rewrite coldfusion as a solution to user friendly url.

I'm now looking for sites with tutorials on how I should get started. Ideally I'd like to put my user friendly urls in the back end db (sql server) as I have quite a few links.

any advice links would be more than welcome.
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lofConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems to me it is not possible directly.
You could try the following workarounds:

store all the information in a database and then extract the data from the database to a config file - such exports could be automated.

store all the information in a database and in the config file redirect everything to one simple script page that will do the redirection using values from the database.
have a look at ISAPI Rewrite documentation

basically you define rewrite rules in a config file not in the database
ShawnAuthor Commented:
hi, yes I've read a bit on their site ncluding the chapter 3 samples...but what if I have hundreds of pages

let's take their example (and put in .cfm instead) :
and I want

"my-super-product" is just one of hundreds of links I will manually have to paste into an ini file? I'm sure there's a way to at least store them in a table.

ShawnAuthor Commented:
i'll be able to try it out in a couple of day and will get back. thanks.
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